Hui the Brave

The quest called "Hui the Brave" begins automatically when Player arrive in Tien's Landing and meet Hui the Brave. She tells the Player to go to the ruins of Old Tien's Landing in order to retrieve the second piece of their amulet, which was brought there by a dying Spirit Monk and which the Lotus Assassins are now hunting for.

Player is only able explore the ruins of Old Tien's Landing by following Quest: The Great Dam, which allows them to receive a key from Minister Sheng. Once they have passed through the ruins, however, they find that the Lotus Assassins have already taken the amulet piece from Chai Ka, who was tasked to guard it.


Old Tien's Landing

The leader of the Assassins ran away with it while Chai Ka was busy fighting the others, causing Chai Ka to be highly suspicious of strangers — they Player needs to defeat Chai Ka in combat before he realises that the Player is someone he is meant to serve. Chai Ka (with his host Wild Flower) will join the Player's party at this point.

Player can complete the quest by reporting back to Hui when they discover that the Inquisitors have the amulet piece. Alternatively, they can wait until they have actually recovered the piece from Inquisitor Lim, who only appears once Player have completed the three main areas accessed from Tien's Landing (ruins/dam, pirate base and forest, represented by Quest: The Great Dam, Quest: Find a New Flyer and Quest: The Sickened Forest, respectively).

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