The quest called "Kia Min" is obtained at the Two Rivers School in Chapter 1. It is an optional quest, and can be received after the fight with bandits that occurs as part of A Master's Teachings. The quest concerns a treatment for the injury of Kia Min, a student at the school who was wounded during the fighting.


If players ask Smiling Mountain about practice fights, he will say that players cannot challenge the sparring record Kia Min recently took from them until she is able to fight again. If players want the opportunity to win Smiling Mountain's prize, they would need to talk to Kia Min and see if there is a way to help mend her wound. Alternatively, players can gain the quest simply by talking to Kia Min directly, without having been directed to her by Smiling Mountain. Either way, Kia Min will say that she vaguely remembers a herb which would be of use to her, and asks that the player talk to Old Ming on the beach to see if he knows of it.

Old Ming tells players that Red Silk grass would help Kia Min's wound, and says that Fen Do the merchant would be able to supply it. He cautions the player not to use Bearded Tongue grass, a cheaper alternative — it just deadens the pain rather than actually healing the wound. Old Ming says that although most people would be fine with a painkiller, Kia Min "would start practicing again and tear something vital", which could cripple her.

Fen Do, who is making a poultice for Kia Min, agrees with Old Ming's suggestion of adding a medicinal grass to it, and offers the player a choice between the two. He recommends Bearded Tongue Grass, as it is half the price of Red Silk grass, but reiterates Old Ming's point — Bearded Tongue grass would simply alleviate the pain, and that Kia Min would need "to take it easy" until time healed the wound on its own. Players can give either salve to Kia Min, who will reimburse them for the cost (or for what players pretend the cost was) if players let her.

Players can then go to Smiling Mountain and ask to challenge Kia Min's record. Since Kia Min says she is feeling better, Smiling Mountain will allow it, and players are able to win the Alloyed Body technique as the prize. If Kia Min was given the cheaper Bearded Tongue grass, she will injure herself in the bout — afterwards, players can tell her what they did if they wish.

If Kia Min is injured, she will be killed attempting to fight off attackers later in the chapter.

Journal entriesEdit

Talked to Smiling Mountain [Can Be Skipped]: "Smiling Mountain, one of the combat trainers under Master Li, is offering a special reward to any student who can set a new record for the number of opponents faced at once. You might be able to earn this mysterious reward if you can help Kia Min get back into fighting form."

  • "Ask Kia Min About Healing: Kia Min must be in fighting form before you can get together enough opponents to try for Smiling Mountain's prize. Ask her if there is anything you can do to help."

Talked to Kia Min: "Kia Min can't face you in Smiling Mountain's test until she is feeling better, but she vaguely remembered a type of grass that might speed her healing."

  • "Ask Old Ming About Herbs: Old Ming tends to the statue of the Emperor down by the beach. He might know a herb that is effective at binding wounds."

Asked Old Ming: "Old Ming's memory still seems sharp after all these years. He remembered two grasses that would have similar effects in restoring Kia Min to fighting shape for Smiling Mountain's special contest. He cautioned that you should only use red silk grass, because bearded tongue grass is only a painkiller and not a true cure."

  • "Acquire a Red Silk Grass Poultice: Merchant Fen Do in the town square likely has the curative red silk grass in stock."
  • or "Acquire a Bearded Tongue Grass Poultice: While it may not be as effective, Merchant Fen Do would likely charge less for a bearded tongue grass poultice. He is at his shop in the town square."

Use real cure...

Use painkiller...

Bought salve: "You have purchased a poultice infused with red silk grass, which Old Ming assured you would safely bind Kia Min's wounds so she could take part in Smiling Mountain's special test."

  • "Deliver the Poultice to Kia Min: Deliver the poultice to Kia Min in the school."

Bought salve: "You now have a poultice infused with bearded tongue grass. The mixture may not have many curative effects, but it will at least take away the pain. This should be enough to convince Kia Min that she's able to fight in Smiling Mountain's special test."

  • "Deliver the Poultice to Kia Min: Deliver the poultice to Kia Min in the school."

Given salve: "Min was quite impressed with the effects of the poultice, and she now feels ready to fight again. If you wish to test yourself against a record level of opponents, she will happily join in Smiling Mountain's contest."

  • "Face Smiling Mountain's Challenge: In order to earn Smiling Mountain's prize, you must face a record level of students. Smiling Mountain waits in the school."

Quest completed: "You set a new record by defeating five opponents at the same time. As your reward, Smiling Mountain taught you the training techniques he calls "The Alloyed Body." Kia Min seems to be fine, thanks to the poultice you had Fen Do mix for her."

Quest completed: "You have set a new record by defeating five opponents at the same time. The bearded tongue grass poultice lacked any real curative effect, though, and Kia Min's wound has torn open, injuring her further. Despite his obvious concern for Kia Min, Smiling Mountain has awarded you a scroll called "The Alloyed Body" outlining his conditioning techniques."

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