Old Mother Kwan

The quest called Old Mother Kwan begins if players decide to investigate the suspicious circumstances under which Three Sheets Dutong gained possession of the Teahouse in Tien's Landing. The Teahouse was built by Old Mother Kwan, but a short time ago, Dutong arrived from the capital claiming that his family had long ago been granted the land on which the Teahouse stood, making the Teahouse his property. If the player suspects that the Imperial Writ that Dutong presented was a forgery, they can undertake this quest to expose Dutong and return the Teahouse to Old Mother Kwan.

Steeper Yanru says that Old Mother Kwan was the only one who saw the writ, and that her eyesight is poor — additionally, she is not initially prepared to believe that anyone would be so wicked as to do such a thing. Steeper Yanru says that Dutong has the writ locked away, and would certainly not bring it out for inspection, but suggests that Dutong might accidentally confess if drunk.


Three Sheets Dutong

According to Steeper Yanru, Dutong typically passes through several stages of drunkenness — after the first few bowls of wine, he is generally pleasant and friendly, but is probably not drunk enough to make a mistake. After about seven bowls, he begins to get depressed, talking about how his life is worthless and how he is ashamed of himself. After about nine bowls, he becomes highly paranoid, and is unlikely to be helpful. He can also be given a restorative potion which cures his drunkenness. The player must aim to get Dutong into the depressive stage of this sequence in order to obtain a confession.

Steeper Yanru can send Dutong ordinary bowls of peasant wine, a stronger Imperial drink (equal to about three bowls of peasant wine), or the anti-intoxication restorative potion. The quickest way to get Dutong into the right stage of drunkenness is to give him two bowls of the strong drink and one of the ordinary wine. In this state, Dutong is open to more open to persuasion, and confesses that the Imperial Writ he used was a fake. This is witnessed by Steeper Yanru. Alarmed, Dutong's guard gives him a restorative potion, sobering him up. On realising what he has said, Dutong assumes that the player will try to extort money out of him in exchange for silence. The player can either agree to this (getting Steeper Yanru to agree as well) and receive 1000 silver, or expose Dutong. If the player exposes Dutong, Dutong and his guard leave town quickly, and Old Mother Kwan resumes possession of the Teahouse.

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