Death's Hand at the Temple of Dirge

One Chance is a quest gained only if the player fights for control of Sun Kin's spirit against Master Li's servant, Death's Hand, at the Temple of Dirge. This is a quest that technically belongs to Sun Kin, not the player. To complete the quest, defeat Death's Hand in battle as Sun Kin's spirit or be defeated.

Journal entries Edit

  • First assigned: "For years you have been enslaved to the power of the Water Dragon, but now a flicker of hope exists to break free of enslavement as Death's Hand. You may be the youngest brother, but you were always a match for your siblings in battle."
  • "Fight For Your Freedom: You have a chance to break free with the help of the last Spirit Monk. Fight for it!"

After the quest is completed, no matter how the player deals with Death's Hand afterward, the quest disappears from the player's Journal.

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