The quest called "Picking up the Pieces" is a short quest which begins at the start of Chapter Two, when the player, Dawn Star, and Sagacious Zu crash-land near Tien's Landing. It serves as a lead-up to Quest: Find a New Flyer, and is completed automatically as players progress to the town. The player will hear from Yeung Yifong that Gao the Greater's pirates are using flyers, and once the player arrives in Tien's Landing itself, meeting Hui the Brave, this quest is replaced by the new one.

Journal entriesEdit

  • First assigned: "Master Li's captors took him in the direction of the Imperial City. To follow, you must secure a new flyer and a wind map to ensure you don't have another rough landing."
    • "Investigate Tien's Landing: The trading village of Tien's Landing may be too small to have flyers or wind maps, but it is the only settlement nearby. Travel there and see if you can find the resources you need."
  • Quest completed: "You have found a possible place to acquire a new flyer and a wind map."

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