Stranded Orphan Girl is a short quest which can be obtained in the ruins of Old Tien's Landing, visited by players during Chapter 2. In order to receive this quest, players must first have obtained two others — The Great Dam and Gems in the Quarry.


While players have completed Gems in the Quarry and are making their way back to the surface, they meet the spirit of a young girl, presumably one of the orphans who lived at the nearby orphanage (see The Drowned Orphans). The girl asks for help, saying that she is unable to escape the quarry — she drowned in the floods which destroyed Old Tien's Landing, and the memory of the water makes her spirit unwilling or unable to cross the puddle which blocks the way.

If players wish, they can assist the girl's spirit to leave. She asks that player break three posts which support a wooden platform, causing it to fall across the puddle — this would provide a dry route out of the cave. If players do so, the girl's spirit is indeed able to leave.

Players receive Open Palm or Closed Fist points depending on their decision.

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