The Executioners is one of the main quests of Chapter Three, and players are automatically assigned it as part of their progression through the story. In order to proceed, players must complete this quest, The Inquisitors, or both.


Silk Fox believes that Death's Hand is responsible for all the injustices being committed in the Emperor's name, and therefore wishes to infiltrate his Lotus Assassins to search for evidence of his treason. At the conclusion of the quest called Silk Fox, she tells the player to gain the favour of either of the two branches of the Assassins, the Executioners being one of them. The best way to impress the Executioners, she says, would be to fight well in the Imperial Arena, which the Executioners keep an eye on — she will have her people spread rumours about the player's interest.

When the player next visits the Arena, a representative of the Executioners approaches. The recruiter is not impressed, but says that if the player can replace Iron Soldier as champion of the Silver Division, it would be sufficient to gain a recommendation. The player's progression through the Arena's qualifying stages, the Bronze Division, and then the Silver Division are all encompassed by a separate quest, The Imperial Arena.

If players do succeed in taking the Silver Division championship from Iron Soldier, the Executioner recruiter approaches them again, saying that their performance has been impressive enough that to warrant admission to the Lotus Assassins. Players are then directed to the Lotus Assassin Fortress in the Necropolis, and are given a token which will grant them entry.

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