The First Gravedigger is a quest given to the player by Gravedigger Shen, who is located within the Necropolis, which can be accessed from the Golden Way. It involves three sub-quests, in which the player must figure out a way to disperse the troublesome spirits who have been making Shen's work difficult. These spirits include Miss Chan, Ren Ming, and Merchant Bai. Once dealt with the player will turn in each subquest in individually and be rewarded separately for each one by Shen.

Walkthrough Edit

After the player has entered the Necropolis for the first time, they will follow a path that eventually leads to a clearing with a man cowering in the grass. The player is then confronted by a spirit and must defeat it. Once the fight is over, the man will introduce himself as Gravedigger Shen. Shen buries people and maintains the Necropolis, though lately he has been having difficulty doing his job due to the overabundance of spirits.

Reward Edit

  • A Fearful Ghost: 600 XP, 400 silver
  • A Mournful Ghost:
  • A Vengeful Ghost:

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