The quest called "The Flower of the Fields" begins when Merchant Hing, encountered in the swamps outside Two Rivers, asks for help in rescuing Fen, the titular "Flower of the Fields". Hing says that Fen was taken by bandits, whom Hing fears will work her to death or even eat her.

Later, players can find a woman being menaced by a group of mercenaries. After the mercenaries have attacked and been killed, the woman introduces herself as Sing Wa, the wife of Merchant Hing. Upon learning that Merchant Hing requested the rescue of Fen without even mentioning herself, Sing Wa summons Fen, who turns out to be the ox who pulls Merchant Hing's cart. When Hing, Sing Wa, and Fen are reunited, Sing Wa rewards the player with silver (saying that even if Hing doesn't seem to value her life, she does). All three then leave, with Sing Wa berating her husband as they go.

Journal entriesEdit

  • First assigned: ""
    • ""
  • Quest completed: "You rescued a woman named Sing Wa who introduced you to Fen the Flower of the Fields, who turned out to be an admittedly much-loved water buffalo. Overjoyed, Merchant Hing thanked you profusely while his wife left you with a generous purse of silver for her rescue."



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