This quest is attainable through talking with Scholar Dongow at the Scholar's Garden, after making Silk Fox your follower.

Ask Scholar Dongow about the inquisitors and he will tell you to go back to your camp to meet an inquisitor. The inquisitor will tell you that they have a problem with Judge Fang & Minister Sheng and to test your abilities, you need to solve this problem for them. There are two ways in dealing with this:

  • Remove Judge Fang from office
  • Discrediting Minister Sheng

The Open Palm way to his is to remove Judge Fang from office. This is done by talking to Gentle Breezes into cooperating with you to remove Judge Fang from office. Killing him would result to the failure of the quest. After a cutscene, Gentle Breezes will give Judge Fang's Imperial Ring and walks away. You can now then show the ring to the guards to get past them. Use the ring to blackmail Judge Fang to write a resignation letter. After that, you can go back to your camp to give the news and letter to the inquisitor.

The Closed Fist way is to discredit Minister Sheng so that Judge Fang will ignore his report. To do this, you will need the turtle eggs given to you by Henpecked Hou if you said you will try his advice. Make you way to the Hostel on the Golden Way to talk to Minister Sheng. Convice him to let you guard his tribute gift to Judge Fang. Killing him, as with Judge Fang, would result to the failure of the quest. If you have destroyed the dam's controls when you were in Tien's Landing, then you will need to convince him will be real hard. On the other hand, if you closed the dam, then he will trust you completely. Switch the gift with the turtle eggs. Minister Sheng will then disgrace Judge Fang with the gift and won't bother to hear his reports. Go back to your camp after that to talk to the inquisitor.

Note: You can talk to Gentle Breezes into stealing the Imperial Ring and earn money from Judge Fang using it and discredit Minister Sheng using the turtle eggs at the same time.

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