The quest called "The Stolen Memento" is obtained from Merchant Cheung in Tien's Landing. Cheong says that one of the sailors in town, Tong, recently stole a clay figurine from him. It is not of particular monetary value, but belonged to his mother. The player can offer to retrieve the figurine.

When the Player confront Tong, they can try to persuade him to give the figurine back — he took it because it reminded him of the figurines his mother used to have, and if players pass a Charm or Intuition check, they can point out that Tong's mother would not be proud of him or that Merchant Cheung values the figurine for much the same reason. Alternatively, players can pass an Intimidation check to make Tong surrender the figurine, or can simply fight him. When the figurine is returned to Merchant Cheung, he will offer you a discount on his wares, although until the Great Dam has been closed (Quest: The Great Dam) he will not actually have anything to sell.

*Note: You can't speak to Tong after you finish the Quest: The Great Dam, therefore you can't complete the quest The Stolen Memento if you've already done The Great Dam Quest.



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