The quest called "Trapped"is given by Captain Ing in Tien's Landing. Ing's ship was stranded in the town when the opening of the Great Dam caused the water level to fall, and as long as the situation persists, he and his crew are unable to earn their livelihood. Ing is already finding it difficult to control his crew, and mutiny is a possibility. Ing will therefore reward the player if they are able to close the Great Dam and bring the water back.

This quest runs parallel to Quest: The Great Dam, which is given by Minister Sheng. Completion of that quest automatically entails completion or abandonment of this one, depending on whether players close the dam or break its controls. This one, however, is not a main storyline quest — the quest assigned by Minister Sheng is unavoidable, because because players cannot get to the dam (and thus to the power source for the Marvelous Dragonfly) without him, but this quest can be missed if players never speak to Captain Ing.

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