The quest called "Yifong and Fuyao" begins when Yeung Yifong is released from captivity at the pirate base of Gao the Greater. Yifong and her daughter, Fuyao, were captured by the pirates to be sold as slaves, and Yifong asks the player to find and rescue Fuyao, who is elsewhere in the base. Yifong and Fuyao were the first people the player met in Tien's Landing — they were leaving the town due to the problems which beset it, believing that the risks of travelling were outweighed by the problems of staying.

The player can find Fuyao in a cave higher up in the complex, being threatened by a slave breaker while her purchaser, Lordling Lun, looks on. Although Fuyao has agreed to obey them, the slave breaker says that without pain, slaves will still remain defiant on the inside, and therefore plans to burn Fuyao's skin. When the player arrives, the slave breaker and his guards automatically attack. After their deaths, and the arrival of Yifong, the player may decide what to do with Fuyao. The options are:

  • Tell Lordling Lun that Fuyao is not a slave. Lordling Lun then flees when Yifong tells him that other freed slaves are hunting for him.
  • Say that Fuyao should fight for her freedom, prompting her to kill Lordling Lun. Yifong is not happy about this.
  • Collect Lordling Lun's payment for Fuyao and Yifong, leaving them to be slaves. This will give you the Fang of the Viper scroll for the Viper technique.

If the player lets Yifong and Fuyao go free, they will make their way back to Tien's Landing, where they inform Minister Sheng. The Minister will then reward the player.

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