The quest called "Zhong the Ox Carrier" begins if players agree to help Dong Ping, who can be found on the upper floor of the Teahouse in Tien's Landing. Dong Ping is helped on his farm by Zhong, an ogre, but Zhong is refusing to return to the farm, and other patrons of the Teahouse are growing uncomfortable as a result of his presence.

Talking to Zhong, players learn that Zhong feels guilty about the death of an ox. Zhong considers the farm's oxen to be his friends, and would sometimes play with them by throwing them in the air and catching them (which, at least according to Zhong, the ox in question enjoyed). Recently, however, Zhong accidentally dropped the ox, killing it. He now feels guilty, and refuses to return to the farm.

If players are able to pass a conversation check, they can persuade Zhong to return home. The Intuition option is to convince Zhong that the other oxen will be lonely without him to look after them, the Charm option is to persuade Zhong that Dong Ping will need help, and the Intimidation option is simply to threaten to hurt Zhong. Otherwise, players can simply fight Zhong. Afterwards, the owner of the Teahouse (either Old Mother Kwan or Three Sheets Dutong, depending on the resolution of Quest: Old Mother Kwan) will approach give the player a reward.

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