If you enter the Tomb of the Forgotten Scholar in the Necropolis, you'll come across Mad Wen Zhi, a doctor who needs a fresh liver to save his daughter, who's dying of some sort of degenerative liver disease. He tells you to find the corpse of Ji Xin, freshly deceased, who was interred in one of the towers to the north of Wen Zhi's position, and bring the liver from his corpse back to him so that he can perform the operation.

When you find the Tomb of Ji Xin, you'll come across the zombified spirit of the evil nobleman in the act of taking down a couple of graverobbers. You have two avenues to pursue to get the liver from him: you can either make an Intuition check and attempt to convince him that giving up his liver would lead to a chance at redemption for his evil ways, which will obviously net you Open Palm points; or you can just fight him and take it.

Depending on how you dealt with Ji Xin, the operation will go slightly differently. If you talked Ji Xin into giving the liver up, there will be no complications; if you fought him for it, though, something will go wrong with the procedure, and Wen will ask you to sacrifice whatever's necessary to save his daughter. If you refuse to do so, she'll live anyway; if you in fact agree to his sacrificial request, you'll take a permanent -10 Chi penalty, and will have to fight Ji Xin again to save her life. This latter course of action will earn you Open Palm points.

Note that, whichever path you take, you can visit Wen Zhi and his daughter at the blacksmith shop near the Black Leopard School to follow up on them. If you happened to make a sacrifice to save her life, he'll give you the Theories of Medicine, which will net you +7 Focus and +1 Intuition.

Alternate Method

If you speak to Dr. An, in the Imperial Arena, and thoroughly examine her conversation tree before coming out to speak to Wen Zhi, you'll have the option of referring him to the doctor's services when you hear his plight. If you do so, you'll have to bring Dr. An back to the Necropolis, where she'll perform the transfusion, allowing Wen Zhi to sacrifice his life for his daughter's. Dr. An will then take care of the girl. You may be able to pursue this course even if you didn't speak to Dr. An ahead of time, if you visit her before the girl is revived. You do not need to get the liver from the zombie before you can mention the doctor.

Rewards Edit

If Wen Zhi lives: Wen Zhi rewards the player with 550 silver for obtaining the liver from Ji Xin, in addition to possibly gaining the Theories of Medicine if you take the liver through force and sacrifice 10 Chi to save his daughter.

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