"I... am a scholar, though still a junior scholar by most regards. I assist the philosophers and scholars with their work".
–Scholar Songtao

Scholar Songtao is a junior scholar who helps the philosophers and scholars with their work. He spends his spare time in the poor quarters, helping where he can. If he has any extra money, he will use it to help the people there.

The Prefect's FriendEdit

It is Prefect Jitong's duty to ensure that convicted criminals are sentenced appropriately. He has two men in his custody; Chandler Ling and Scholar Songtao. He knows for a fact that Songtao is innocent, but needs help in proving that. Jitong and Songtao have known eachother for several years; his uncle and Jitong's father were good friends. He asks you to investigate the matter further, so Songtao can be set free.

If you offer him your help, you will obtain a quest called "The Slave Traders" (click the link for more information).

Free Scholar SongtaoEdit

"I was just down in the poor quarters, helping a family with some repairs on their hut. I was leaving their house when the guards came for me".
–Scholar Songtao

Arrested Because...Edit

He was arrested after he finished helping a family repair their hut in the poor quarters. The guards came for him and told him that he was suspected of abducting people from the poor quarters.

If you choose to free him, you will receive Open Palm points, an Aura of Calm essence gem and the ability to purchase from his shop located in the Scholar's Garden.


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