Scholar's Garden, where scholars and philosophers gathered to teach and learn

Scholars and Philosophers dedicated their lives to the pursuit of wisdom. Many could be found in the Scholar's Garden in the Imperial City.

Scholars Edit

Scholars are deemed by many to be the more practical, inventive and realistic thinkers of the two groups of thinkers that can be found across the Empire. Whereas philosophers are concerned with the metaphysical and spiritual areas of thought, Scholars use their knowledge and expertise to more practical ends, which some times results in Scholars becoming Inventors. To Scholars the use of knowledge through practical application to produce tangible results far outweighs the any philosophical achievements, a view that has led to a constant tension between the two groups of thinkers.

Notable Scholars Edit

Philosophers Edit

"One cannot discover true enlightenment in the world; it comes only from within."
–Philosopher, standing in the Scholar's Garden

Philosophers were dedicated to the ancient study and teachings of the ways of Sagacious Tien, which were known as the Way of the Open Palm and the Way of the Closed Fist. They also studied history and believed in peace, harmony and balance.

Notable Philosophers Edit

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