Seamstress Lan is a resident of Tien's Landing. She is the fiancée of Baker Bei and is worried by the attacks on him by Ai Ling's gang. The Player can offer to look into the matter for her as part of Quest: The Beaten Baker.

After the Player have spoken to both Bei and Ai Ling, they and Ai Ling will all meet (along with the Player) in the Boathouse. Ai Ling says that when they were children, Bei had promised to marry her and that because she doesn't want to remain a gang leader her whole life, she is determined that Bei keep his word. The way in which the situation is resolved depends on the Player; if there is a peaceful solution, Lan remains with Bei and promises to name their first child after the Player. However, if they Player chooses to tell her of Bei's actions, she will instead refuse to marry Bei and offer the Player her dowry as a thank you.

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