"You should ready yourself, Mistress. I do not trust them".

"Give your pet a peanut and tell him to be quiet, will you?"
"I knew it! We cannot trust this human!"
–Shining Tusk and the Player, spoken to the Forest Shadow

Shining Tusk is an Elephant Demon and guardian to the Forest Shadow. He lived along side his mistress in heaven, protecting her from all enemies.

Role as GuardianEdit

When the Forest Shadow was appointed guardian of the Great Southern Forest, the Celestial Bureaucracy assigned Shining Tusk as her protector. Over the centuries he served with the Forest Shadow, Shining Tusk became friends with the fox spirit.

"Shining Tusk is one of the most light-hearted of his kind. Be glad you did not meet him several centuries ago".
"Woe betide any one who called me "surly" back then".
–Forest Shadow and Shining Tusk, spoken to the Player

Originally, Shining Tusk possessed many personality traits similar to other elephant demons. During his time in the Forest Shadow's heaven realm, both the Forest Shadow and her fox servants wore away much of his stern nature.


Shining Tusk and the Forest Shadow

Upon meeting the player Shining Tusk was immediately suspicious. Even if Chai Ka the Heaven Gate Guardian accompanied the Player through Wild Flower, Shining Tusk still refused to let down his guard.


If the Player decided to kill the Mother:

Shining Tusk remained at the Forest Shadow's side as her guardian and continued aiding her in protecting the forest.

If the Player decided to slay the Forest Shadow:

Shining Tusk, along with the three fox spirits who fought along side him, were cut down by the Player.

Immunities Edit

Immune to support styles and magic styles.

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