"You know, there are several diseases that will result in a person appearing mad. They usually result from inbreeding or lack of cleanliness".

"Ha ha! My charm works again!"
Sagacious Zu and Shipeng

Shipeng was the assisant of a merchant Jiang in Tien's Landing. He hoped to one day become a merchant himself.

If the Player speaks to him while Merchant Jiang is still alive, he will greet the Player in a friendly way. If the Player follows the Way of the Open Palm and closes the Great Dam, Merchant Jiang will confront him/her and attack. If the Player follow the Way of the Closed Fist and destroys the Great Dam, Merchant Jiang will reward him/her, but there is still a chance to kill him and then Shipeng will take over and sell essence gems that can be added to the Dragon Amulet.


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