"Of course, he may have been speaking of someone more important. Perhaps the camp goat!"

–Sing Wa to Merchant Hing

Sing Wa is the wife of a man named Hing whom you meet in the swamp. He will give the Player character a quest to find Fen, The Flower of the Fields. The Player will meet Sing Wa in the swamp after finding Sagacious Zu and either choosing the path on the right-hand side or going left and circling around. Gao the Lesser's mercenaries will be threatening her and it is up to the Player to get rid of them and save her.

When the mercenaries have been taken care of, she will thank the Player for their help. After some dialogue, the Player will find out that "Fen" is in fact an Ox that pulls Hing's cart. Sing Wa will not be happy that her husband sent the Player to find Fen and not her. Once the quest is over, Hing and Sing Wa will wander off, and a humorous exchange can be heard. The Player will recieve 250 silver pieces and 125 experience points as a reward.


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