Student Lin is a member of the Two Rivers School.

Lin has been in Two Rivers for "a few years", saying that Master Li took her in "when no one else would". She was sent there by her family because they thought school would make her more like the "delicate flower" that they had wanted. However, she says that not many of the skills she has learned at Two Rivers require her to be delicate. She does not intend to return home when she has finished her training, but is not sure exactly what she will do — she says that if she "can stomach the books", she could become a scholar, and expresses a desire to see the Imperial City at least once.

Lin can be recognised by the green ribbon she wears in her hair. She fights with a staff, but does not see herself as one of the top students of the school, saying that Master Li is more likely to use her as a warning for other students than hold her up as an example. She says that the Player and Dawn Star are Master Li's favored students, and that it can be difficult living in their shadow.

Lin is considered to be something of a gossip, and is usually well informed about any rumors and stories which are circulating. One of her particular interests is the talk of ghosts appearing around the Empire. She is not certain what to make of what Dawn Star claims to see of the spirit world, but says that if Master Li can accept it, she will as well. If player characters are male, Lin flirts with them. Although Lin thought of Dawn Star as a generally fine person, she found it hard to get along with her – Lin often thought that Dawn Star was "too moody to talk to", possibly due to irritation over the former's gossiping.

Lin is not directly featured during the destruction of Two Rivers. However, when the player enters the village square, two mercenaries are seen killing a female student who resembles Lin. It is not stated if the student was Lin or not. Much later, her spirit seems to appear in a dream, blaming the Player for her death. However, the dream is being influenced in an attempt to discourage the Player character and so may not necessarily be reliable in anything it depicts.

Voiced by Kari Wahlgren

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