Sung Sui: "I would not end this conversation immediately, Brother Bo.... Our last words echo the rhythmic structure of Lord Chu Yeung's unsuccessful plea for mercy before his beheading".
Sung Bo: "Brother Sui has an ear for these things and a knowledge of history, you understand? So, I wish you a fond goodbye *and* a distinguished farewell".
Sung Sui: "Very tricky! Breaking your sentence's rhythm with an extra well-wishing comment, brother. Skillfully done".
–Sung Bo and his brother, Sung Sui

Sung Bo was the middle Sung brother and the fastest. He fought using the martial style Monkey Paw. Bo was the only brother the Player could converse with while the other two would occasionally interject their opinions.

The Sung brothersEdit

The Sung brothers comprise of Sung Sui, Sung Bu and Sung Bo. The Player fights each of them during the Gold Division in the Imperial Arena. The Sung brothers then become the last part of the gauntlet, which the Player faces before battling the Ravager.

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