The Player: "Let's talk about the city in general".

Sung Bu: "We don't know nuthin 'bout the army".
Sung Bo: "Please excuse Brother Bu. He occasionally feels the need to speak on things to which has has not given his full attention".
–The Player, Sung Bu and his brother, Sung Bo

Sung Bu was the youngest of the Sung Brothers and the strongest. In the arena Bu fought with a duel swords weapon style. Compared to his brothers, Bu was the least intelligent and the most naive. He saw the world simply and placed people in two categories: nice and mean.

The Sung brothersEdit

The Sung brothers comprise of Sung Sui, Sung Bu and Sung Bo. The Player fights each of them during the Gold Division in the Imperial Arena. The Sung brothers then become the last part of the gauntlet, which the Player faces before battling the Ravager.


  • He never really knows what his brothers are talking about.
  • The reason why he doesn't wear a shirt is that he has no idea how to put on on.

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