Tang's Vengeance

Tang's Vengeance is a dual axe weapon style.

Obtaining StyleEdit

Defeat the Ravager in the Imperial Arena.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

When Emperor Fong died without an heir, the Empire became fractured and divided. After years of war, Tang the Merciless rose to be the forerunner in the battle for the contested throne of the Jade Empire. Tang's own father betrayed him into the hands of his enemies, fearing that his son's violent ways would ruin the Empire. Rumor has it that before he fled into exile, Tang the Merciless used these very axes to cut off his father's head. These devastating axes remain extremely sharp, even after hundreds of years of use.


  • Tang's Vengeance is often regarded as the best weapon style in the game due to its impressive damage and reach. The only drawback is the relatively slow attack speed, which can leave the Player open to damage. Attacks from Tang's Vengeance are rarely interrupted, although it is possible. 
  • Because they pack a sizeable punch even without any points sunk into them, these axes are a useful "last resort" weapon for players armed with a longsword who find enemies have closed in to quickly. 
  • It is possible to behead opponents with a killing Power Attack, causing blood to splatter the area.


Jade Empire Double Axes00:38

Jade Empire Double Axes

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