The scrollstand "Imperial Champions" is located on the first floor of the Imperial Arena. It discusses the past and current arena champions: The Ravager, Raging Ox, and Kai Lan the Serpent.

Content Edit

Gaze upon these words with reverence, for they offer some small slice of the history of the most glorious contest in the arena.

The Ravager:
Deadly, cold, and precise. The Ravager refuses to speak and shows no care for the crowd, but none can question his deadly strength. Wildy popular with the more bloodthirsty members of our crowd, the Ravager's rare flights are always sold out.

Raging Ox:
All of the Imperial City fondly remembers Raging Ox, our recently retired Imperial Champion. Quick with a smile and famous for his antics both in and out of the ring, Ox's legend will live many lifetimes.

Kai Lan the Serpent:
Kai Lan's phenomenal control over magic and his intense focus made him one of the greatest champions to grace the ring of the Imperial Arena. Cold an imperious, Kai Lan played to the crowd to cultivate a love/hate relationship that has persisted to this day.

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