The scrollstand "Temple Records" is located in the Forest Shadow's Temple in the Great Southern Forest. It discusses elder Yun's concern for his son, Lord Yun.

Content Edit

A collection of logs, notes and records maintained by the Yun family up until roughly fifteen years ago. One entry catches your eye.

"My son seems utterly disinterested in the temple, and I worry that he pays no attention to the lessons I try to impart. They key, of course, remains in knowing that the seasons which most affect a forest are summer and winter, and the colors associated with these two seasons. If I am right and my lessons fly from his head as quickly as they can, then I fear for his safety should he attempt the ritual incorrectly. These furnaces are an ancient magic, and ancient magics draw dark attentions."

Another note, entered a bit later, reads, "As I feared, my son pays little heed. Perhaps I will install something to remind him. Violet is not our family color, but I hope it can be a potent reminder."

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