The bookstand "The Grand Inquisitor's Will" is located in the Lotus Assassin Fortress.

Content Edit

In your obedience to Death's Hand, do not neglect to heed the complex demands of our mistress Jia, second in glory only to the Hand of Death himself.

Our mistress demands that all of her servants think clearly and completely in all that they do. She expects that all Lotus Assassins exercise their minds as thoroughly as they suppress the impulses of their hearts. As Grand Inquisitor, Mistress Jia knows all things that happen within the fortress and without. Not even the deepest secrets of the most remote places in the Empire escape her knowledge.

Mistress Jia demands that we be cunning, ruthless, and complete in our loyalty to her master and ours, Death's Hand. To disrespect her is to disrespect the Empire, the Emperor, and Death's Hand himself.

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