The scrollstand "Tragedy in Tien's Landing" is located at the Dam Site near Tien's Landing. It discusses the consequences of building the Great Dam.

Content Edit

Let the history of this town not be forgotten, for the water that defines our border covers ghosts of children.

Nearly two decades ago, just after the shining Emperor Sun brought water to the land again, Tien's Landing lay where the water now stands. Children played and people lived and worked in the peace that only the lands away from the bustle of the heart of the Empire can bring. When the Great Dam came, few believed that the Emperor would allow us to come to harm, but harm came in the form of water that covered our homes and buried our families. When the flooding came to an end, the town of Tien's Landing lay submerged beneath this new sea, where only ghosts and ruined homes could flourish.

Those who survived lived to rebuild, and Tien's Landing has come to prosper once again. Lest anyone here forget, however, we must always remember that our lives bend to the whims of the gods, the Emperor, and the decades-old machinery of the Great Dam.

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