The Guild is a notorious criminal organization operating throughout the Jade Empire.


The Guild is involved in extortion, slave trading, pirating, assassination, and fixed gambling. One of their operations is fixing the fights in the Imperial Arena. The Guild has fighters throw fights so as to determine the outcomes of the betting. The Jade Empire colludes with the Guild and turns a blind eye to their illicit activities. In return, the Guild bribes the Empire's high officials, provides the Empire with information on subversive elements, and uses the arena matches to scout worthy recruits for the Lotus Assassins.

Encounters with the Last Spirit MonkEdit

The Last Spirit Monk gets involved with the Guild when they defeat a prominent leader, Gao the Greater, and takes down his pirate operations by raiding his Pirate lair. It is revealed in the Lower Pirate Island that Gao's son, Gao the Lesser, had alerted the Lotus Assassins of Master Li's true identity and Gao the Greater's men were involved in the destruction of the Two Rivers School and village.

After Gao the Greater's death, a power vacuum emerged in the Guild and members such as Kai Lan the Serpent sought to take Gao's place as an influential member of the Guild. When the Last Spirit Monk rose in the ranks of the Imperial Arena's tournament to take on the mantle of champion, Kai Lan challenged the Spirit Monk for the title and either fell to the player or their follower Black Whirlwind. The remnants of the Guild had little love for Kai Lan and his overt methods and ended all their activities in the Imperial Arena as well as their alliance with the Lotus Assassins. Instead, according to their agent Sweet Poison Lyn, the Guild will focus on more discreet activities and even proposes a truce with the Spirit Monk.

Sky, a follower of the Spirit Monk, can become a prominent leader in the Guild. If the Water Dragon is killed, Sky will turn the Guild into a force for good by using its resources to aid the Jade Empire recover its infrastructure and maintain order.

Notable Guild MembersEdit