"I am the Minion of Suffering. It was I who devoured the guardian bound to this fountain and claimed the seal for my Master. Seek me out, traverse the Path of Demons, and you can reclaim the seal... if you dare!
"Well, this is obviously a trap".
"I agree. The demon would not reveal itself without cause".
–The Minion of Suffering, to the Player and Abbot Song

The Minion of Suffering was a Bull Demon who served a great nameless evil, referred to as "The Other." He roamed the spirit world of Dirge, doing his master's bidding.

Time at DirgeEdit

"Dirge belongs to the master I serve. His strength grows; he feeds on the taint of this place. And when he is ready, he will unleash us on the mortal world!"
–The Minion of Suffering

The Minion of Suffering acted as both messenger for his master and enforcer of his master's will. Upon his master's request, he destroyed the guardian of the inner courtyard fountain and stole its seal sometime after the siege of Dirge.

An Obvious TrapEdit

The Minion of Suffering met the Player at the fountain and dared it to take the seal from him. Abbot Song hypothesized that the Minion was also attempted to lure the Player away from a powerful gem kept in the courtyard. The abbot recommended claiming this gem, suspecting it may help defeat the Minion of Suffering.

"I do not fear you, for the power of my master flows through me. I enforce his will, for all must bow down to him, in time".
–The Minion of Suffering

The Minion of Suffering waited for the Player in the Dirge Cave. When the Player arrived the Minion explained where his master came from and his goals.


The Minion of Suffering was killed by the Player in the Dirge cave. Once dead, the seal of the second fountain was released from a large spelled urn.

Immunities Edit

Immune to magic styles and support styles.

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