Thorn and Shining Carp is the advanced long sword weapon available for Dawn Star. It is more powerful than Dawn Star's starting weapon Gujin's Favor.


Obtaining Style: If Dawn Star, not Silk Fox, is put in charge of guarding Kang and the bridge at Dirge she will be spoken to by a spirit. Instead of heading left down the stairs to the bridge, head right down the stairs. The chest is invisible and is sitting behind the fountain. Walk near it and it will appear.

Description: This blade is claimed by two legends, one from the Prosperous East and one from the Golden Delta. In the first, a flower girl was wronged by an official, and an outlaw incited revenge for his own purposes. Trapping the official, the woman beat him savagely with a bouquet of roses, the thorns raking eyes and skin. An observing fox spirit frowned on hatred abusing such beauty and transformed the flowers into a sword. The official was killed, leaving the woman to ponder the hardening of her heart. In the second tale, an outlaw instead urged restraint and suggested asking the river for guidance. A golden carp answered the woman's plea and, as it swam by, the sun on its scales took the shape of a blade that fell in the shallows at her feet. She took up arms in the spirit of justice and order was restored. Stories--and people--change with the influence that others bring.

Notes: Dawn Star's weapons can harm spirits.

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