"Stop by again! Miniature Ravager hoods for the kids are coming in any day now. You know you'll want two!"

–Thunderous Taoran to the Player.

Thunderous Taoran is a merchant, located in the entrance hall of the Imperial Arena. He can be found at the back of the room, standing in front of what appears to be a table of wares. When approached, he will greet the Player enthusiastically, and offer his assistance and wares, if they have the silver to spend.

He can be prompted to provide some information on the area, but he will direct the player to Qui the Promoter if they want to find out more. Despite apparently having items available to sell, the Player is unable to purchase anything from his stall, as Taoran points out that they are not fit for the "odds and sods" that the usual patrons might pick up. Interactions with him are limited and he does not have anything additional to offer.

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