"What do you want? *hic* Can't you see we're busy drinking here? Gotta wash away our sorrows".


Tong was a sailor and member of Captain Ing's crew. While stranded in Tien's Landing, he drank with two sailor buddies near the store houses, past Beggar's Pier. Tong drunkenly complained that the town was no fun because they didn't know anyone, they hadn't seen their families in months and their ship was stuck.


"You stole a figurine from Merchant Cheung".
"Figurine? You mean that clay shtatue? Pretty little thing. *hic* I jusht borrowed it for a while. I didn't steal it".
–The Player and Tong

Tong's mother collected small clay figurines. When Tong saw a similar figurine in Merchant Cheung's shop he stole it because it reminded him of his mother.


The Player confronted Tong on Merchant Cheung's request and asked him to return the statue.

If the Player failed to convince Tong to return the statue:

Tong and his friends attacked the Player to retain the figurine. The Player killed all three of them.

If the Player convinced Tong to return the statue:

"Here, take the figurine. *hic* I didn't mean to cause no trouble. I just missed my ma is all. *sniff*"
"Hey, it's okay. Don't cry."
"I ain't cryin'! I jusht... I jusht got shomething in my eye!"
–Tong and the Player

Tong returned the figurine and left with his friends to return to their ship, the Lucky Night. From there, Tong's fate is determined on whether the Player closes or leaves open the Great Dam.

This completes Quest: The Stolen Memento.


Tong's model is used in Pilgrim's Rest Inn for one of the cannibals and for one of the cannibals victims in the cave witch are connected with the Inn.

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