Waitress Yanwan worked for Old Mother Kwan as a waitress in her teahouse, she called Kwan "Old Mother." Steeper Yanru was her co-worker. When Three Sheets Dutong came into Tien's Landing with an Imperial Writ claiming the land on which the teahouse was built, Yanwan began working for Dutong as his only server.

Complaints of a Working WomanEdit

While working under Dutong, Yanwan felt over worked and frustrated. Despite large numbers of people in the teahouse, Yanwan was the only server. She constantly threatened to quit her job if one more customer complained about how long their order took, or if Dutong didn't change the way the teahouse was run. Because of the open dam, many sailors entered the teahouse to pass the time. Yanwan declared that they were the worst because they were rude, crude and couldn't keep their hands to themselves.

If the Player helped Kwan gain back ownership of the teahouse, many of Yanwan's complaints decreased.

"Only Old Mother knows how to run this place right!"
–Waitress Yanwan

If the Player closes the dam, then Yanwan's complaints cease completely.

"Things are so much better now that those sailors are gone! Who told them it was okay to pinch me, anyway?"
–Waitress Yanwan

Friendship with Ru the BoatswainEdit

"Oh, I'm sorry... Yanwan. Let me... let me buy you a drink! Two bowls of wine, and we'll drink a toast to a better time!"
"Ru, I don't have time for this! I have other customers to take care of. You have to leave now".
"No, I'm pretty sure I have to drink now".
–Ru the Boatswain and Waitress Yanwan

Yanwan continuously encouraged Ru to close the Great Dam during his three days of boasting, and drinking, in the teahouse. She warned Ru that Minister Sheng was looking for other people to close the dam and that Ru would look a fool after all his boasts if someone else closed the dam first. She encouraged him to the point of ordering him to close the dam.


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