This walkthrough is for those wanting to follow The Way of the Open Palm route. I may have missed things, and I will do my best to update this wiki if I find something new/missed out.

When you are choosing your character, you will have the opportunity to customize it. Choosing to do so will give you these possible changes:

Body Spirit Mind

This affects your level of Health (Red bar). This is depeleted when you take damage from enemies. More Health = longer life.

Increasing this will increase your Charm and Intimidation conversational skills.

This affects your Chi (Blue bar). Chi is depeleted when healing, using Magic Attacks, attacking in Chi Strike Mode, or when enemies use certan draining styles.

Increasing this will increase your Intuition and Intimidation.

This affects your focus (Yellow Bar). Focus is drained when using weapons such as swords or staves/staffs. You can also enter Focus Mode to run faster, or slow enemies down in combat.

Increasing this will will increase your Charm and Intuition.

These can be enhanced every time you level up, enhanced/reduced by gems (introduced a little later on in the game) and replenished by SOME followers who are in Support Mode and by orbs produced from fallen enemies.You can also use Harmonic Combos (patience grasshopper; these will be explained shortly) to produce a SPECIFIC type of orb. Kinda handy, don't you think?

Other info. regarding abilities/skills/styles:Edit

Red Blue Yellow White Black

Replenishes Health.

Replenishes Chi.

Replenishes Focus. Replenishes all 3 All attacks are unblockable

Harmonic Combo to produce this:

Heavenly Wave's Power Attack/Dire Flame's Area Attack + Martial Style Power Attack

Harmonic Combo:

Hidden Fist's Area Attack/Ice Shard's Power Attack + Martial Style Power Attack

Harmonic Combo:

Storm Dragon's Area Attack/Tempest's Power Attack + Martial Style Power Attack

Not Applicable N/A

To carry out a Harmonic Combo, carry out the first stage which will then make a green circle appear around the enemy's feet, and then carry out the second stage before the green circle disappears. Warning: enemy may...ok, WILL either explode, shatter or go up in flames...

Martial Styles
Thousand Cuts Leaping Tiger White Demon Legendary Strike Drunken Master
This style focuses more upon speed than power. This means that your enemies will be less likely able to counter-attack, but you wll not be dealing a large amount of damage. Wolverine anyone? When using this style, your character literally grows claws. This is a quick and fairly damaging style. Yes, this style is slow. But it is BY FAR the most powerful starting style, possibly the most powerful in the game. This style is, like Leaping Tiger, with moderate speed and power. Just minus the claws. To use this style you much have a certain follower. They will throw bottles of wine, you pick them up and fight away. Good for tactical fights but not fast ones.

GOLEMS are immune to these styles.

Thousand Cuts, Leaping Tiger, White Demon and Legendary Strike are all starting styles. Drunken Master is obtained through a quest. While you choose a certain style to begin with, you are given the option to buy another 1 or 2 at different points in the game.  Smeagol should be ok though. (Yes, I am aware it's 'Gollum', just go with it!)

Upgrades available for these: Damage Increase, Chi Damage, Speed Increase (-which is good for White Demon users)

Support Styles
Heavenly Wave Spirit Thief Paralyzing Palm Storm Dragon Hidden Fist
 This slows down the movement of an enemy, or multiple enemies around you if you use the Area Attack. Any attack with this style steals Chi from an enemy, replenishing your own. Using the Power Attack will also paralyze an enemy for a second or two. Way of the Open Palm style. Slow to perform, but paralyzes enemies. This shocks enemies, bringing them to a stand-still, allowing you to decimate them. Great when you switch between this and White Demon. Way of the Closed Fist Style. Earthquake-based attack, great for when you are surrounded.

DEMONS, FLOATING SPIRITS and GOLEMS are immune to these styles.

You always start with Heavenly Wave, Spirit Thief is taught by Hui the Brave in Tien's Landing, defeat Master Smiling Hawk at the Black Leopard School to gain Paralyzing Palm OR defeat Master Radiant to get Hidden Fist (one OR the other), Storm Dragon can be bought in Tien's Landing from 2 different people: Merchant Cheung for 4500silver or 3824silver AFTER closing the dam or from Spear Catches Leaf after the quest in the Forest for 4500silver

Upgrades available for these styles are: Chi Damage, Duration Increase, Speed Increase.

Magic Styles
Ice Shard Dire Flame Stone Immortal Tempest

Basic Attack = ice projectiles

Power Attack = encases enemy in ice (they can't move, use Martial Style to complete the H.C.)

Area Attck = it's snowing! Oh look, there's a large block of ice flying toward your enemy...

Works well against furries like Ogres.

Basic: fire projectiles

Power: Large fire proojectile that can set enemies on fire (immolate)

Area: a pretty fire-breathing dragon coils itself around you and spits flames at your enemies

Open Palm style.

Basic: rock projectiles

Power: turn your enemy into a tree. (no, seriously...)

Area: turns the ground into resonating rocks

Closed Fist Style.

Basic: hurl wind blasts 

Power: trap your enemy in a mini hurricane

Area: Surrounding enemies will be lifted into the air

DEMONS and GOLEMS are immune to these styles.

Rather early into the game you will have to choose between Ice Shard or Dire Flame, but later on in the game you CAN buy Dire Flame from Kia Jong or Ice Shard from Acolyte Trainer in the Lotus Assassin Fortress for 15000. In Tien's Landing you will have to choose between Stone Immortal (taught by Mistress Vo) and Tempest (taught by Master Jian).

Upgrades are: Lower Chi Cost, Damage Increase, Duration Increase.

Weapon Styles
Fortunes's Favourite Golden Star Tien's Justice

After selecting your character and abilities etc, you will start in the school, facing another student; Jong Woo. You will spar with him in order to grasp the basics of fighting enemies. Here are the basics:

A = Basic Attack.

X = Power Attack

B = Block (does not work against Power Attacks)

B + Movement = Evasive Move (Roll or Flip out of the enemy's reach. Great when facing slow enemies)

A + X = Area Attack (you do not get taught this in the fighting tutorial, but you do later on. Great for when you're a bit crowded)

Demonstrate each of the first 4 in order to move onto the next one.

When you have defeated Jing Woo, he will thank you. Whichever reply you choose at this stage won't really affect your alignment meter, but I always choose the gracious option " " for Open Palm. 

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