"You couldn't see for yourself? I was just "retired" from the Imperial Arena."
–Zhang to the Player

Forced RetirementEdit

Zhang falling down the stairs

Zhang falling down the stairs after being hit by Lucky Cho

Warrior Zhang was a fighter in the Imperial Arena up until Lucky Cho was sent to "finish him off" when he lost a fight. The Player witnesses Lucky Cho punching Zhang and watches as he falls down the stairs. When he recovers from the blow, Zhang limps towards the Player and tells him/her that he was just "retired" from the Imperial Arena and that his spot will be open in the roster. He gives directions to where Qui the Promoter can be found, then makes a comment about collecting what he has left of his winnings and leaves.


Zhang's fate is unknown, as he is never seen or heard of again after the brief encounter on the Player's first visit to the Arena.

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