Whispering Willow: "You filthy little swine. Look what you've done! Do you think I have nothing better to do than to clean up after you pigs all day long?"

Student: "Yes, mistress... I mean no, mistress!"

Whispering Willow: "Get out! Get out of here before I break your skull open, you little rat!"

Black Whirlwind: "Now that's a woman! I wouldn't mind taking a beating from her myself".

Female Player: "Really? I didn't think she'd be your type".

The Black Whirlwind: "Now, don't go getting jealous".

Whispering Willow was the headmistress of the Black Leopard School located in the Imperial City. As headmistress, Whispering Willow was in charge of cooking, laundry, paperwork and everything else that Master Radiant and Master Smiling Hawk forgot to do. She was often angry and took out her anger on students who got in her way.

Black Whirlwind was immediately attracted to Whispering Willow upon meeting her. Unfortunately, all of the Black Whirlwind's attempts to soften her heart failed.

Personal HistoryEdit

"I would enjoy hearing you sing. Perhaps over a bowl of wine sometime?" "I'd rather be dipped in boiling oil and fed to cannibals!"

–Black Whirlwind and Whispering Willow

Whispering Willow was once an opera singer with a beautiful voice. At the height of her career she was greatly admired and even gave a perfomance for Emperor Sun Hai.

During a freak costume incident at one of her perfomances, Whispering Williow's voice was ruined. No longer able to remain a singer, Whipering Willow somehow became involved with the Black Leopard School and became its headmistress.

Two MastersEdit

"What do you know about the masters?"

"Masters! Ha! I'm the only master of this school. Those other two hide in their rooms all day long doing who knows what.... There was only one master once. Makes sense to me. Too many cooks in the kitchen, as I always say".

–Player and Whispering Willow

During Whispering Willow's stay at the Black Leopard School the rivalry between Master Radiant and Master Smiling Hawk began. When the Player finally resolved the conflict by killing one of the masters, Whispering Willow was relieved the school was back to a single master no matter which master it was.

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