Xian Wu was a female ghost and former Spirit Monk. Her spirit had been bound through the ritual of binding to one of the fountains of Dirge by Emperor Sun Hai. Two other ghosts were bound with her.

She and her comrades attacked when the Player and Abbot Song approached the fountain.

Siege of DirgeEdit

"We Spirit Monks are guided by honor and duty; these values are ingrained in us from birth. I never imagined one of our own could betray us".
–Abbot Song

During life she betrayed the Spirit Monks in response to Sun Li's promises of wealth and power. To weaken Dirge against the Imperial Army's siege, Xian Wu tainted the fountains with human blood.

Xian Wu with two other ghost

Xian Wu with two other ghost in front of a fountain

Xian Wu was executed by Emperor Sun Hai after the battle along with the other betrayers. Afterward, Sun Hai used the power of the Water Dragon to bind her spirit to the fountains.


If the Player freed the Water Dragon:

Xian Wu's spirit would have been able to enter the underworld.

If the Player enslaved the Water Dragon:

Xian Wu would be forced to wander the earth until madness took her.


Immune to Weapon styles.

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