Xianshi is an Elephant Demon that was summoned by Gao the Greater to protect his treasure room. Xianshi is bound to the room by dark magic. It is assumed he comes from a different plane such as a Heaven. He remarks that he was "summoned." If you enter the room there will be a conversation. He will still attack the Player.


Xianshi seems to hate being forced into labor. He also expresses a disliking of Gao the Greater. However, due to the fact Elephant Demons are quite loyal to a task or person (whether it is against their will or not), he does not make a move against Gao the Greater. However, he has no choice in the matter.


  • Xianshi may be named after Xianxi, Changhua a small rural town in Taiwan.
  • Xianshi will not be freed from his binding even if you kill Gao the Greater before meeting him.
  • It is unknown if the dark magic that bound him is the same as the magical ability of the Spirit Monks to bind a spirit to themselves (or a place like Xianshi was).

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