"You're a pompous ass".

"Your jibes can nary prick the armor of my pride; they are blunted barbs forged by the sputtering flames of your lesser intellect".
-Player and Yaoru

Yaoru spent his time on the upper level of the Teahouse in Tien's Landing. Compared to the other residents of Tien's Landing, Yaoru had a large and well educated vocabulary. The locals jokingly called him Yaoru the Sailor because he easily became seasick and hated water.

Longing for a WifeEdit

"I confess that I am eager to find a woman of genuine intellect and class; however, I have long given up hope of finding such a bride in this all too provincial town".

Yaoru was often depressed and never in the mood for company. The two great causes of his depression were the insults of the locals and more importantly, Yaoru's own desire to find a wife.

Yaoru's standards for a wife were very high. She needed to have an educated mind and manners comparable, though slightly lower, than his own. In Tien's Landing, unfortunately, the majority of women were seamstresses, barmaids or peasants. When the Player suggested that he lower his standards, Yaoru refused by claiming he deserved no less than the standards he had set.

A Possible MatchEdit

"My copious vocabulary and cunning linguistics are ample evidence of my superior intellect".
"Or maybe you use big words to compensate for a little something lacking below the belt".
-Yaoru an Ai Ling

Ai Ling

Yaoru was introduced to Ai Ling by the Player. Originally, Yaoru was skeptical of Ai Ling's potential as a wife. Stories of her gang's activities had led Yaoru to believe she was no more civilized than an animal, though he admitted she was beautiful. The Player was able to convince Yaoru to meet with Ai Ling at the Boathouse.

If the Player convinced Yaoru to give Ai Ling a chance:

Yaoru and Ai Ling decided to spend some private time together before deciding to marry. It is unknown whether they married as the Player left Tien's Landing soon after.

If the Player failed to convince Yaoru to give Ai Ling a chance:

"Thug! Rogue! Ruffian! Strumpet! Harlot!"
"One more word--just one--and my boys might take exception. I'll be fun to see how many different words we can come up with for "pain".
–Yaoru and Ai Ling
Yaoru flees the Boathouse and returns to the Teahouse.


Yaoru is the only character the Player can call "pompous ass" during dialogue.

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