Mistress Vo and Jian the Iron Fist meeting to play Yi

"It is an ancient game, known by many names, but we prefer to call it by one of its oldest monkers.... It helps to focus the mind and to understand that every action must have a purpose."
Jian the Iron Fist
"It's mysteries are subtle, but the play of white on black, the struggle for territory, and the delicate strategy provide endless entertainment."
Mistress Vo

Yi, also known as the Capturing Game, was played on a square board marked with nineteen horizontal rows and vertical columns. The black and white stone pieces were used in the game to capture territory for their player. The object of the game was to place a series of stones on the board to control the most territory by the game's end.

The game had many other names, but they were never revealed.

Known Players Edit

Jian the Iron Fist and Mistress Vo met every year in Tien's Landing to play a few days of Yi together. Because neither one of them owned a board, they played the game in their heads creating a more mental challenge.

Jian explained the game to the player, but the player never participated in a match.

Trivia Edit

Yi was most likely based off the ancient Chinese game Go

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