"I'm a little busy right now. I've got a bowl of wine that needs drinking, so why don't you just find someone else to bother?"

–Zi Bao

Zi Bao is one of the many patrons who spend their time in the Heart of the Empire Tavern that surrounds the Imperial Arena. If you have not accepted a quest called "The Slave Traders" he will have nothing to say to the Player - save a few comments:

  • "Go away. I don't want any".
  • "This is my spot and I'm not moving. Go get your own place".
  • "Leave me alone".
  • "Go find someone else to bother".

It is quite obvious that he wants to be left alone.

The Slave TradersEdit

Once the Player has accepted The Slave Traders, there is an opportunity to confront him about his involvement and ask that he take them to see the traders.This leaves the player with a few options.

Arrange A MeetingEdit

  • Pay Zi Bao 2000 silver coins (with a successful Charm check, the price can be reduced to 1000).
  • Offer him 500 silver and he will merely scoff at such a low price and leave. The player can then follow him as he unintentionally leads them right to the location of the slave traders.
  • Threaten to snap his neck (with a successful Intimidation check, this will work, while earning the player some Closed Fist points).

No matter what option the Player chooses, they will soon find yourself in the Creature Pens for a meeting with the slave traders (see The Slave Traders for more information).


When Cao Zeng, one of the slave traders, notices the Player's presence, he will order Zi Bao and a few other slavers to attack. Zi Bao dies by the Player's hands.


  • His clothes are identical to those worn by Gao's mercenaries.
  • He can almost always be found drinking wine in the tavern and will sometimes challenge the Black Whirlwind to a drinking game (he always loses).
  • In his spare time, Zi Bao enjoys setting things on fire. Such as random citizens, Captain Sen and even Iron Soldier (he frequently has black eyes because of the latter).

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